An appraisal is essentially an opinion. It’s validity is directly linked to the reputation of the party expressing it. Our opinions are supported with over 50 years of experience and underlined by meticulous research, due diligence and thousands of appraisal reports.


Valuation from all perspectives

We are valuation experts. From our comprehensive, supportable appraisal reports to the complete suite of valuation and consulting services we provide, we have a proven track record of delivering superior results, backed by quality, credibility and reliability. We have consistently demonstrated that our extensive valuation knowledge and vast experience results in innovative solutions.

Real Estate

Machinery & Equipment

Business Enterprise Value

Market Value Commercial Appraisals

Detailed market value commercial appraisals are required for many purposes. Whether the assignment is for financing purposes, to assist in the buy/sell decision process, to establish a basis for just compensation in eminent domain proceedings, estate planning purposes, or to provide support for real estate and equipment assessment appeals, our experienced commercial appraisal experts are able to deliver documented commercial appraisals and expert testimony of the highest caliber. Utilizing the most comprehensive, up to date database of market transactions and analytics and valuation experts with experience spanning the spectrum of valuation assignments we offer best in class, well documented, supportable appraisal reports.

Business Enterprise and Business Interests Appraisals

Professional, accurate business valuations play an important role in today’s business environment. IAC has completed many business valuation assignments for corporations, government agencies, and many of the leading accounting, legal and consulting firms throughout the United States. These business valuation studies have assisted our clients in mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, buy-sell agreements, dissolutions, bankruptcy reorganizations, initial public offerings and all types of litigation support. Intangible assets such as assembled workforce, customer lists, goodwill, contractual agreements and intellectual property are also valued by our Business Appraisal Division.

Litigation Support

Valuation for litigation purposes involves more than the completion of a well documente appraisal report. Litigation support in the form of expert testimony, participation in trial strategy decisions, exhibit preparation, consultation with legal counsel to enhance the understating of valuation issues developed in the appraisal prepared by the opposition’s expert, as well as your own and participation in settlement negotiations are extremely important considerations during the litigation process. IAC’s commercial appraisal experts have many years of experience as expert witnesses and in working with attorneys in all phases of trial preparation and case presentation.

Cost Studies

IAC commercial appraisal experts are qualified to prepare cost studies to assist clients in analyzing the feasibility of modernization and/or expansion. Our staff of commercial appraisal experts is also qualified to prepare cost segregation studies to assist clients in maximizing depreciation and cash flow for new, expanded or purchased property. Our comprehensive analysis of capital expenditures from both a construction and tax perspective results in accelerated depreciation through identification and reclassification of project related costs into appropriate tax lives. Our cost studies have resulted in significant federal, state and property tax savings for our clients.

Allocation of Purchase Price

In order to insure the most favorable tax treatment possible in a business acquisition, accurate business valuation of tangible and intangible assets is a necessity. We can provide you with supportable business valuation documentation of the market value of these assets.

Investment Value

Investment value considers the value of an investment to a particular investor or class of investors based upon their specific investment requirements. IAC’s commercial appraisal experts will analyze specific projects in accordance with specific investment criteria in order to properly estimate investment value.

Use Value Studies

The value of a specific property for specific use is often required for limited market and special purpose properties. Use value studies may be needed for a variety of purposes including allocation of purchase price and assessment appeals involving unique or special purpose real estate, machinery and equipment. Our commercial appraisal experts have extensive experience in developing reliable estimates of use value.

Highest and Best Use Analysis

Highest and best use studies are undertaken to determine the optimum use(s) for a specified parcel of real estate. In commercial appraisal practice, the concept of highest and best use serves as the foundation of the final value estimate. Our commercial appraisal experts thoroughly examine all aspects of the market to reach a conclusion of highest and best use that supports the highest present value of the property.

Feasibility Studies

A comprehensive analysis of the cost benefit relationship is an absolute necessity before undertaking any economic endeavor. Our experts gather and analyze all necessary information to determine whether explicit investment alternatives meet specific investment objectives.

Liquidation Values

Liquidation values are often required by lenders as a basis for securing a loan against machinery and equipment or by purchasers of operating plants and equipment who, prior to acquisition, want to know the potential risks of disposal under liquidation concepts. Our staff has experience in the valuation of assets of all types under various liquidation scenarios.