Taxing Issues

Occupancy Rate Changes Eliminated From MI Property Tax
Begining with assessments after January 1, 2014, occupancy rate decreases have been eliminated as a factor in determining a “loss in value” for Michigan property tax assessments. A decrease in value, due to a change in occupancy, can still be a factor for assessments prior to December 31, 2013. S.B. 114  
Louisiana Payment Under Protest Requirements Amended
Recently enacted legislation now requires a taxpayer that is challenging an assessment to make separate payments for the disputed amount of taxes and the amount that is not disputed. S.B. 363, Effective August 1st.
The Value Of Intangibles Addressed In CA Property Tax Appeal
The Court of Appeal of California recently found that the assessor’s valuation of the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay Hotel failed to deduct the entire amount of value attributable to intangible assets when establishing the hotel’s assessment. The appellant, SHC Half Moon Bay LLC appealed the 2004 base year value established by San Mateo county, […]
Property Tax Mobile – The Property Tax App
Today we’re happy to announce the launch of Property Tax Mobile, a new app built specifically for property tax professionals. We intentionally built PTM to be fairly minimalistic.  We wanted it to be straight forward and user friendly. It’s intention is to supply information that us property tax pros rely upon everyday. In short,  Get […]